Disability Law United resolves CCRD charge alleging harassment based on sexual orientation and religion.

Crystal Rea and IntelliTec Colleges Reach Agreement

College Reaffirms Importance of Non-Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Religion

GRAND JUNCTION, CO – Crystal Rea and IntelliTec Colleges have reached an agreement that will continue to ensure that IntelliTec students receive an education free from discrimination based on sexual orientation or religion.

Disability Law United filed a complaint last year with the Colorado Civil Rights Division on behalf of Crystal Rea, a student at IntelliTec’s Grand Junction campus, alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation and religion.  Following the Division’s investigation, the parties worked together to reach an agreement that will help IntelliTec continue its commitment to education free of discrimination.  IntelliTec was commended on its last accreditation review for “creating an environment/culture at the Grand Junction campus that shows support for all students along with a focus on student success as a core value of all the staff and faculty.”

Rea appreciates IntelliTec’s efforts to create a welcoming learning environment for all students and IntelliTec appreciates Rea’s willingness to help improve the College’s atmosphere of inclusiveness and professionalism. IntelliTec congratulates Rea on the successful completion of her program of study and her new job, in her field, following her graduation.

The full participation of both parties has shown how the Civil Rights Division can function as a resource for people who believe they have encountered discrimination by Colorado businesses.

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