New Case: Student Files Complaint Against College for Discrimination

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Today, Disability Law United filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division on behalf of a student at IntelliTec College. The complaint alleges discrimination by a place of public accommodation based on sexual orientation and religion.

In June 2015, Crystal Rea, a cosmetology student at IntelliTec’s Grand Junction campus, met with Leslie Barlow, Director of Education, to discuss a school-related issue. In the course of the conversation, Ms. Rea mentioned to Ms. Barlow that she has a girlfriend. Upon hearing this, Ms. Barlow’s behavior towards Ms. Rea changed immediately. Ms. Barlow looked disgusted, and she told Ms. Rea that Ms. Rea would need to “pray to God for forgiveness.” Ms. Rea contacted Disability Law United shortly afterwards to discuss her legal options.

This afternoon, Ms. Rea filed a charge of discrimination against IntelliTec College and Ms. Barlow with the Colorado Civil Rights Division. As a part of this administrative process, CCRD will investigate Ms. Rea’s claims of illegal discrimination.

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