Update: Service Animals Case Settles!

Valerie with Smoky and Chiquita
Valerie with Smoky and Chiquita

In March, Disability Law United filed a case alleging that a Colorado apartment complex (and its owners and property manager) discriminated against Valerie Gonzales and Traci Eaton, two individuals with disabilities, by denying them the reasonable accommodation of service animals.

Traci and Reason
Traci and her service dog, Reason

We’re happy to report that the case wrapped up this week with a settlement agreement that’s the result of a productive collaboration between all parties. After we filed a last-minute temporary restraining order to prevent Valerie and Traci from being evicted from their apartments, the Defendants came to the table and worked with us and our clients to figure out a mutually beneficial solution that allows both women to stay in their apartments with their service animals.

After several weeks of negotiations, Disability Law United reached an agreement that
resulted in both Plaintiffs being able to keep their service dogs in the apartment complex without threat of future eviction. It’s unfortunately rare that a disability rights-related case goes so smoothly and concludes so quickly and beneficially, so we have to tip our hats to Disability Law United Staff Attorney Sarah Morris and Paralegal Marissa McGarry, and of course our two clients, Valerie and Traci, for handling this case so effectively!


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  1. I would Love to Thank Everyone for helping us with the ordeal on our service animals… You guys were Wonderful.. You went above and beyond I am so Greatful you have no idea.. Its been a relief to know people cant just Bullie us around because we our Disabled… Thank you so very much.. God Bless.. Traci Eaton

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