How Can I Help?

Helping has been a central them in Alan Chen’s life and career. From precedent setting First Amendment work that helped expose misconduct on factory farms to teaching the next generation of civil rights lawyers at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, Alan’s work has helped right wrongs and has inspired others to follow suit for decades.

man in a coat and tie facing the cameraAnd, from the beginning, Alan has been here to help Disability Law United, too. Alan says, “I’d known and respected Tim and Amy for years when they did their civil rights work through their law firm, Fox & Robertson. I was impressed with their lawyering and their strategic thinking. When Amy & Tim decided to form Disability Law United as a 501(c)(3) in order to deepen and broaden their impact, I was immediately interested.” From day one, Alan volunteered as a member of Disability Law United’s legal panel, a role he has also played for the ACLU of Colorado. “Volunteering on the panel gave me an opportunity to really see the detail of Disability Law United’s legal work in action. I was especially struck by Disability Law United’s probing and thorough pre-case research. Disability Law United’s lawyers are truly masterful when it comes to legal research, engendering a high level of trust in their work from the very beginning. Tim, Amy, Bill, Liz, and Martie are all such committed, high-level lawyers.” A few years later when he was asked to join Disability Law United’s Board of Directors, Alan says that he didn’t hesitate. “I fully resonate with Disability Law United’s mission and am proud to play even a small role in the organization’s success.”

When asked what he thinks the future holds for Disability Law United, Alan remarked on the importance of Disability Law United’s high impact litigation in disability rights at the national level. “I’ve been glad to see Disability Law United increasing its national reach in the area of civil rights litigation as well as its full embrace of the educational part of its mission. As Disability Law United has grown its legal staff, bringing on additional talent and strength, I see only continued excellence on the horizon, resulting in much needed change in the lives of people who need it the most.”  And, when asked how he plans to continue to help Disability Law United, Alan quipped, “I want Disability Law United to become a household name in the world of civil rights advocacy. That’s going to take a lot of resources and more hard work. I plan to continue to volunteer my legal help when useful, contribute as much as I can financially whenever I can, and spread the word far and wide about Disability Law United and its amazing work. I hope others will join me in doing the same.”

Disability Law United is grateful to Alan and others like him who have asked the question, “How can I help?” And, who have answered it so fully through the dedication of their professional, financial and personal support, believing that true change comes from working together.

You can read more about Professor Chen and his work on the Sturm College of Law website.

You, too, can help support Disability Law United’s work with an online gift or by attending our Annual Event!



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