Welcome Julie!

Disability Law United is pleased to announce the appointment of our first Development Director, Julie Yates. Julie will be building a comprehensive fundraising program for Disability Law United and will be working to deepen relationships and enhance communication between Disability Law United and you, our supporters!

An experienced fundraising professional and educator with a passion for making the world a better place, Julie has more than two decades of demonstrated success in the areas of philantphoto of a smiling woman in a black shirthropy, relationship building, strategic thinking, and problem solving. Julie comes to Disability Law United from The White Mountain School where she served as Development Director, growing their fundraising program, building a strategic communications plan, and leading the School’s largest-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign. A long-time educator, Julie has deep personal interest in human rights and social justice and is looking forward to using her professional skills in service of Disability Law United’s mission and vision.

Julie graduated magna cum laude from Smith College with a BA in Biology and later earned her MS in Science Education from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Julie has taught biology and chemistry at Blair Academy, NJ, St. Paul’s School, NH, and The White Mountain School, NH where she was also appointed to multiple administrative positions during her 18 years of service. Julie says about her new position at Disability Law United, “I am so excited to share with others information about the incredible work Disability Law United does to challenge discrimination and to help raise necessary funds so my colleagues at Disability Law United can continue their vital work. Our world needs more organizations like Disability Law United with the will, heart, and intellectual power to lead much needed social change. I’m truly honored to play a role in support of Disability Law United’s life-changing work.”

Outside of work, Julie enjoys time with her husband and their two adult children. She loves the outdoors, spending as much time as possible hiking, biking, camping or wandering aimlessly in the woods, fields and streams. Julie also enjoys curling up with a good book, a cup of tea, and her two cats.

We are thrilled that Julie is bringing her longtime fundraising and non-profit leadership experience to advance Disability Law United’s mission and we assume she will soon be adding a dog to her family.

Interested in supporting the amazing work Disability Law United does? You can donate online or contact Julie.  jyates@creeclaw.org | 303.757.7901

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  1. This sounds like a prosperous pairing and we are so pleased Disability Law United has welcomed this supportive addition to their organizational structure.

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