Welcome, Moe!

Image: White woman with brown hair sitting at a desk with a laptop.Disability Law United is very excited to welcome Moe Leneweaver as our new Office Manager!

Moe brings important community organizing and multiple-hat-wearing experience to the job.  She worked most recently at IMPACT Charlottesville, engaging in grassroots organizing, planning an annual direct-action event, and otherwise doing a lot of just about everything in a two-person office working toward empowering the faith community of greater Charlottesville, Virginia to create significant social change through unified direct action.

Moe earned a Bachelor’s of Journalism from the University of Missouri in 2012.  At the center of all of her pursuits is her passion for making sure that people are treated fairly. When Moe isn’t busy herding cats here at Disability Law United, she can be found wandering in the forest or lindy-hopping across the dance floor.

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