CREEC-Colorado visits CREEC-California

Earlier this week, Tim and I got the chance to check out Disability Law United’s California office.  Come along for a quick tour!  Julie Wilensky, Director of our California office, and Executive Director Tim Fox in front of the building where our California office is housed.

Image: white woman in light blue shirt and black slacks next to white man in wheelchair with brown coat and khaki slacks, both on the sidewalk in front of a building bearing the logo sign "WeWork."

Disability Law United’s office is in the infinitely-hip WeWork building, which offers individual offices,

Image:  the "Disability Law United" logo on the glass door to an office; inside are visible an asian man drinking from a coffee mug, a white woman in a blue shirt, and a white man in a brown coat.

and conference rooms, for example, this one with a giant scrabble game on the wall:

Image:  giant scrabble game on the wall, with letters in the middle spelling out "God Is Love Tony."

And – so not kidding! – free beer on tap:

Image:  beer tap handle that reads "wework draft beer."

I think I was most impressed with the view, though.

Image:  clear blue sky over tile-roofed buildings with hills in the background.  Stop by and visit if you’re in the neighborhood!

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