Baca v. Parkview Resolved!

Doctor and patient use sign language interpreter to communicate

George Baca and Parkview Medical Center have reached a settlement in Mr. Baca’s lawsuit under the Americans with Disabilities Act currently pending in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado addressing Parkview’s provision of effective communication to deaf individuals.

Following his daughter’s hospitalization in July, 2013, Mr. Baca — who is deaf — alerted Parkview to shortcomings in their system for communicating with deaf and hard-of-hearing patients and family members.  Prior to the initiation of the Lawsuit, Parkview installed video remote interpreting (VRI) to ensure immediate access to sign language interpreters, and has instituted policies that also ensure that pre-scheduled and outpatient services will continue to use in-person ASL interpreters.  Parkview will continue its current training program, ensuring that staff are trained that lip-reading and note-writing are often not effective in communicating medical information to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and that staff should take care in ascertaining the preferred method of communication of the deaf or hard of hearing patient or companion.

Mr. Baca and Parkview worked together to reach an agreement that recognizes the steps that Parkview has already taken to improve their communication policies, while also putting in place provisions that address Mr. Baca’s specific concerns.

Mr. Baca appreciates Parkview’s dedication to improving services for deaf and hard-of-hearing patients and families and Parkview appreciates Mr. Baca’s contributions to the new policies and technologies.

For more information please contact:

Amy Robertson
Disability Law United

Michelle Peulen
Parkview Medical Center, Inc.

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