Disability Law United Board Announces New Executive Director

The Board of Directors of Disability Law United is thrilled to announce Martie Lafferty as Disability Law United’s new Executive Director, effective September 27, 2021. Martie succeeds founders and Co-Executive Directors Amy Robertson and Tim Fox, who will continue their service to Disability Law United as board members and co-counsel.

We are very excited about Disability Law United’s future under Martie’s leadership. We have witnessed Martie’s commitment to disability justice through her work as the Director of Disability Law United’s Accessibility Project for the past two years. During that time, she has developed the project, expanded Disability Law United’s reach, and fostered strong relationships with clients and partners. With over 20 years of disability rights legal experience, Martie has worked to improve accessibility across the country, including fighting for effective communication in multiple settings and furthering physical accessibility, access to programs and services including courts,  prisoners’ rights, parental rights, and safe addiction recovery through education, advocacy, and litigation.

Martie will continue and expand on the work that Tim and Amy started when they founded Disability Law United in 2013. To name just a few, Disability Law United’s accomplishments over the past eight years include: 

  • Reaching settlements ensuring accessible curb ramps with the cities of Colorado Springs, San Jose, Denver, Portland, Boston and Seattle;
  • Securing effective communication for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people from defendants including Harvard, MIT, the Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado Department of Corrections, and individual business and medical providers; and
  • Exposing and fighting civil rights abuses in the immigration detention system through a nationwide class-action suit against Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security.

We look forward to continuing to expand our impact in the years to come. Martie also brings to Disability Law United an exuberant warmth and passion that will guide us well through this new chapter.

Amy and Tim co-founded Disability Law United with a vision. Building on their years of class action litigation for plaintiffs with disabilities against major corporations, they grew Disability Law United to a thriving nonprofit. Under their leadership, Disability Law United established the Immigration Detention Accountability Project and the Accessibility Project, and expanded Disability Law United’s mission to include extensive community outreach, education, and proactive investigation on behalf of immigrants with disabilities and disabled community members across the country. This spring, Amy and Tim concluded that two introverted lawyers had taken Disability Law United as far as they could and, with hard work and insight from board and staff, began the process of searching for an Executive Director with real nonprofit management experience. They are thrilled to hand the reins to Martie, who has all those skills and a wealth of civil rights and disability rights experience as well.

Amy and Tim will return to private practice, where they will continue to co-counsel with — and exchange restaurant recommendations with — their former Disability Law United colleagues. 

The Board looks forward to this new chapter in Disability Law United’s future! We invite you to join in celebrating Martie by emailing info@creeclaw.org.

Mari Newman
President of the Board
Disability Law United