Incarceration & Policing

The prison industrial complex has a long history of perpetuating dangerous and lethal systems for disabled people. Our prisons are filled with disabled people (at least 40% of people in state prisons have a disability). Many of those with cognitive and behavioral health disabilities do not have access to the proper accommodations that they need while incarcerated. Reports also estimate that 50% of people killed by police are disabled. Many officers are not trained to respond appropriately to the needs of disabled people but are still the first responders to calls for people experiencing a mental health crisis.

Additionally, the use of solitary confinement, lack of proper communications technology for d/Deaf and hard of hearing folks, and the militarization of local police forces threatens the freedom and lives of disabled people, particularly those of color. Disability Law United advocates for disabled people dealing with carceral systems, from policing, to courts, to incarceration, who have to fight for their human rights while navigating the justice system.