Lofland v. Perry Park Filing #3 Architectural Control Committee

A photograph of an RV next to a home with mountains in the background

Hannah and Christopher Lofland and their son William lived in a covenant controlled community in Larkspur,  Colorado.  William Lofland is autistic and needs the equipment, safety, and movement provided by the family’s RV when he is facing a meltdown or the possibility of self-harm.  They also needed to install a fence to protect William from running off and from the wildlife near their scenic Larkspur home.  The Loflands requested of the community’s Architectural Control Committee that they be permitted to park the RV next to their home and construct a fence, contrary to the community’s covenants.  The Committee denied these accommodations in response to both the Loflands’ request and Disability Law United’s letter, so we brought suit.  The case was resolved four months later in a consent decree permitting the Loflands to park the RV by their house and build the fence.

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